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Aseako Ascent

Stylish machine will turn heads where ever it travels.

The ASEAKO TOURNEY is one of our newest models in the range. This stylish machine will turn heads where ever it travels. The Tourney is equipped standard with TEKTRO Disc Brakes and can travel on or off road as it has front and rear suspension..

aseako bike


ASEAKO electric bikes have been carefully designed around providing the optimum rider experience. Since their beginning online in 2009, they have made continued improvements to their bikes based on customer feedback and advances in electrical and engineering technology to offer electric bikes that are technologically advanced and supremely built.


Frame Aluminium Alloy
Forks Zoom 550 Suspension Alloy
Rims 26 inch HJC DA300
Brakes Tektro Disc Brakes Front and Rear as standard
Weight 27.5kg (24kg without Battery)
Accessories AC 240V “Smart Charger” – allows you to plug your Electric Bicycle into any power outlet to charge.


Motor 250 watt brushless high torque crank motor. Produces 109 N.m of torque
Battery SAMSUNG 36V 10Ah Advanced Lithium Ion Technology© Quick release Battery
Speed The new 250W rule states that the electric bikes must be speed limited to 25kph. If you plan on riding your ASEAKO bike off road then you will be able to disable the speed limiter which will then allow you to reach speeds of approx 32kmh with a small amount of assistance from the rider in pedal assist mode.