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Ride e-Bikes from Twin Waters/Marcoola to Cruise Maroochy

a person standing next to a body of waterRiding e-bikes from Twin Waters Resort to Cruise Maroochy and joining an eco-cruise along the Maroochy River can be a great way to explore the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Maroochy River on the Sunshine Coast. It’s fun and eco-friendly. It’s an awesome experience for couples, families and groups to enjoy together

To start the day, you can rent e-bikes from ecoTekk Sunshine Coast which will then be delivered to Twin Waters Resort, or any accommodation place of your choice, and off you go on your journey to Cruise Maroochy. The ride from the resort to the cruises is approximately 14km (round trip) and mostly flat, making it a perfect distance for riders of all abilities. The e-bikes make it easy for the family to keep up with each other and enjoy the ride.

As you ride, you will experience the beautiful scenery of the Sunshine Coast, passing by lush green forests and over the majestic Maroochy River. Along the way, stop to take pictures, enjoy a snack, or even take a dip in the water. Wherever you go on the e-bikes you will not only see more but feel and smell it all as well. An e-bike ride is a truly immersive experience.

When you arrive at Cruise Maroochy Jetty on Bradman Avenue, the oldest commercially operating jetty of the Maroochy River, you will be welcomed by your hosts Kate & Denis the owner-operators of the family business as you join the eco-cruise. This journey provides a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Maroochy River and its surroundings while learning about the area’s history and wildlife. Your group may spot a variety of birds and other wildlife as you sail up towards the Maroochy River Environment Reserve.

Maroochy River Environment Reserve is a wetlands reserve located North of the bridge at Bli Bli on the western bank. It is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, including migratory birds and several species of frogs, turtles and fish. The reserve includes a network of walking tracks and boardwalks, which provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the wetlands and observe the wildlife in their natural habitat. The reserve is also an important site for conservation and research, with a focus on protecting and restoring the local ecosystem.

After the eco-cruise, hop back on your e-bikes and make the return journey to Twin Waters Resort. The journey back will be a great opportunity for everyone to reflect on the day’s experiences. You can stop on the crest of the bridge over the Maroochy River, maybe soak in the sunset, take some pictures, and make lasting memories together.

Riding e-bikes and joining an eco-cruise along the Maroochy River is not only a fun and healthy way to spend a day together, but it also promotes a sustainable mode of transportation and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. You can bond with your loved ones and learn about the local environment, explore the beautiful scenery and wildlife of the Sunshine Coast, and have fun! If you’re looking for a unique and sustainable way to spend a day out with your family, give it a try.

Check out our Cruise Maroochy Experiences Partners from the Things to do Sunshine Coast group Adventures on the experiences page to help you plan a memorable day’s ride.


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