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ecoTekk Refund Policy


Contact ecoTekk by email to make cancellations and confirm by phone. Enquiries can be made by phone.

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100% refund in the event of a cancellation due to government mandated COVID19 Lockdown.

Choice of either:circle

  1. Call to re-book to a later time or;
  2. Request a Gift Card to the value of 110% of the original booking price to use for rebooking at a later time or;
  3. 100% refund of the original booking (excluding third party bank/card fees and charges).

Please include a link to the relevant government lockdown directive for your state or country when emailing you cancellation request.

Queensland Government COVID19 safe information page


  1. Clients may cancel their hire/tour up to three days (72 hours) prior to their hire/tour date and receive a full refund;
  2.  Within the three days (72 hours) your hire/tour may be rescheduled if dates are available, the client may obtain a credit for future date, or a 75% refund can be chosen;
  3. 24hr No refund. Cancellation within 24 hours before booking time, the client may reschedule (if desired booking time is available) or take a credit for future date;
  4. No-shows will be charged full price and there will be no refund or other compensation offered.


  1. Under Queensland law the bicycle rider aged 18yrs+ must be below 0.05 (general alcohol limit) to ride on roads or public lands. Persons under 18 yrs of age cannot drink Alcohol in Queensland in public.
  2. Drugs, riding under the influence of drugs is dangerous just like drink driving you can be pulled over by Queensland police officers for a random roadside test to detect any presence of Alcohol or drugs. Infringement notice are issued and dealt with as per normal drink driving process fines up to $7833 can apply;
  3. Please note that anyone considered by ecoTekk staff to be intoxicated or adversely affected by drugs, will not be permitted to participate in any hires/tours.  No refunds or other reparations will be made under these conditions.


  1. Unless weather conditions represent a threat to safety and wellbeing, we will endeavour to proceed with the hire/tour as booked. If you choose to cancel your hire/tour due to weather conditions, the above client cancellation policy will apply;
  2. In the event of a ‘Natural Disaster’ (e.g. flood, fire, cyclone etc) and your hire/tour is unable to proceed no refund applies. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance to cover these situations;
  3. ecoTekk reserves the right to suspend operations indefinitely due to events beyond our control. In this case activities will be resumed as soon as conditions safely allow;
  4. ecoTekk reserves the right to cancel or alter any hire bookings, tour dates and/or tour times. In these cases, you will be informed as soon as possible, and every effort will be made to reschedule your activity at the earliest possible time that is convenient. A full refund may apply should the client be unable to reschedule.

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