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Tracey, co-owner ecoTekk Sunshine Coast

Tracey riding a e-bicycle Pt Cartwright Rock Wall

Hi everyone,

I’m Tracey, co-owner ecoTekk Sunshine Coast. Today, In this blog I’ll be shedding light on what we do, how we do it, our results, and why we’re exceptional in empowering people to connect with nature and make meaningful memories through e-bike experiences.

Let’s dive into what we’re all about. Our website mentions e-bikes – hiring, tours, and sales. But it’s much more than that. We’re a local family business, husband and wife, who have grown up on the Sunshine Coast and come to know and love our region. We’re here to empower individuals to immerse themselves in nature, live in the present moment, and truly connect with the environment. Riding an e-bike is an enriched, whole-body experience. Picture feeling the sun, the breeze, smelling the flowers, and relishing the sights of nature – all while getting a bit of exercise and exploring the beautiful Sunshine Coast. We’re offering a vehicle that embodies joy, ease, and a sense of connection, making our riders feel young at heart. Our customers love us for these very reasons.

Now, moving on to how we make it all happen. Our journey began rooted in core values that have been our guiding principles for over four decades. We align seamlessly with the Sunshine Coast Sustainable Living strategy, embedding ourselves into the community’s DNA. Our story started with a stroke of luck when Stuart won a raffle involving e-bikes in Noosa. That experience ignited our passion to bring the joy of e-biking to the Sunshine Coast. Our approach is service-centric, focused on ensuring our riders have an exceptional experience. We deliver to their door, no parking hassles, no waiting lines, and a fixed, pre-paid cost. It’s about making their adventure seamless and enjoyable, suitable for the whole family.

So, what are the results of our efforts? Smiles, glowing reviews, and repeat customers speak volumes. The real success lies in people falling in love with cycling and choosing a greener, active lifestyle by investing in e-bikes. Lin Smith’s story, where a rental turned into two e-bike purchases, is a shining example of this positive impact.

But what sets us apart, making us exceptional? Our aim is to provide a five-star experience by understanding our customers’ goals and expanding their horizons. We focus on their needs, suggesting additional experiences and activities to enrich their time on the Sunshine Coast. It’s about giving them more than just a bike ride, it’s about enhancing their overall journey. We believe time is precious during a holiday, and we strive to make the most of it for our customers, promoting other local businesses and enabling a light ecological footprint with e-bikes.

In summary, ecoTekk Sunshine Coast is not just a place to rent an e-bike. We’re a gateway to immersive experiences, memories, and connections with nature. We stand out by focusing on our customers, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, and ensuring our riders feel the true essence of the Sunshine Coast.

Thank you for your attention, and we look forward to welcoming you to the ecoTekk Sunshine Coast experience. Enjoy, and let the journey begin!