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Eco-Friendly Family Adventure: e-Bike Exploration in Caloundra

The glittering waters of the Pumicestone Passage.
Mum, Dad and sons on the Coastal Pathway, Pumicestone Passage.

Family checking out Military Jetty at Golden Beach.

We are a family of six from Brisbane who likes to experience new places and build lasting family memories. This year we visited Caloundra. We have visited Caloundra many times before but this is the first time we’ve seen it from e-bikes. 

While surfing the net and relaxing on social media one night, I came across a video on my Facebook feed of a family enjoying riding along the Pumicestone Passage with its absolutely stunning views. I said to my husband that’s what we’re going to do this holiday when we go to Caloundra, we’re going to get e-bikes and we’re going to get the family away from the screens. We’re getting out into the environment, doing healthy exercise where they have to pay attention to what they’re doing and have dynamic fun at the same time.

What better way to do this than on e-bikes?  

We were booked into the wonderful Rumba Beach Resort right on Bulcock Beach and Happy Valley, in the heart of Caloundra. It is such a great resort, especially for families with big kids. They have apartments that all have full kitchens, so we can choose to either use the local restaurants and cafes or go down to the supermarket for supplies and cook for ourselves to save money. These apartments are a great way to spend time at Caloundra only metres from the beach. 

Family fun on the Coastal Pathway.

Kids on Hurricanes. Good on paths or mountain bike trails.

After checking in, I got onto the web, looked up the contact details for ecoTekk Sunshine Coast Electric Bikes, and made the call. The lovely Tracey answered the phone. She fielded all my questions and processed our booking in record time. The best thing about ecoTekkSC is they have bikes that cater for sizes from my youngest daughter, who’s only 135 cm tall, to my husband and I, as well as our other three kids and their different heights. The little one’s eyes popped out of her head when they presented her with a 20-inch mountain bike-style e-bike. 

@ecoTekkSC were able to deliver the e-bikes to us on the same day. It was an early drop the night before our booking, and unbelievable service. They gave us a full safety briefing, and maps, and told us about different activities we could do and places to visit. 

We went out that first night as the e-bikes all had lights. Setting off south from Rumba Beach Resort after getting our bikes, we tested our riding skills by cycling through Golden Beach, and beside the Pumicestone Passage on the Coastal Pathway. The pathway infrastructure on the Sunshine Coast is just brilliant. I had the kids stop at all the information plaques along the way and read them out to us so they were learning about the local history as we rode. We were able to safely navigate with the kids all the way down to the PowerBoat Club.

The next morning we got up early and rode to the Surf Club at beautiful Kings Beach for breakfast. Then we cycled around the headlands with its stunning views, past Shelly Beach with its beautiful mansions along the beachfront, continuing up through Moffat Beach. We took a moment to pause at the Queen of Colonies look-out and looking north, we saw our target destination in the distance – Point Cartwright. Continuing cycling, we passed through Moffat Beach, Dickey Beach, and up to Currimundi Lake. What a magic place for a family to enjoy a swim, an ice cream, and a cup of coffee.  

We rode on fantastic paths close to the beach almost all the way up to Point Cartwright. The kids got to see the beautiful mural on the water tower and we cycled along the rock wall right out to the mouth of the Mooloolah River! All in all, we rode just over 40 kilometres for our first full-day experience on e-bikes.

a view of a Mooloolaba & Pt Cartwright North to Maroochy River @visitsunshinecoast

Mooloolaba & Pt Cartwright North to Maroochy River @visitsunshinecoast

We packed a picnic lunch, which we took in the complimentary pannier baskets that ecoTekkSC provided, and ate it at La Balsa Park on the Mooloolah River. There’s so much you can pack into a day when you’re on e-bikes. You see more than when you are in a car, you go farther than when walking, you get to smell the flowers and the sea, you feel the sunshine and the breeze, and you’ll see places you never knew existed on the Sunshine Coast.

On our return to the Rumba Resort, the kids were exhausted and hadn’t been on their screens all day. They had had an absolute ball. Mind you, when we got back they still had enough energy for a swim.  After locking the bikes up, hubby and I went up and jumped in the spa, a relaxing evening for our first full day on e-bikes. Magical family memories – what will tomorrow bring, well that is for another story. 

As a mother, witnessing my family’s engagement with the environment, their curiosity piqued by the historical placards, and their joy unbounded in the natural landscapes was profoundly rewarding. This e-bike adventure in Caloundra was more than just a holiday; it was a journey of discovery, bonding, and unforgettable memories. It reminded us that the best family moments are those spent together, exploring, learning, and growing. The memories of Caloundra will remain a cherished chapter in our family’s story, a testament to the beauty of exploration and the enduring bond of family. 

To families contemplating their next holiday destination, Caloundra offers an unparalleled blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. Whether it’s embarking on scenic e-bike rides, exploring the hinterland, or simply enjoying the coastal lifestyle, there’s something for every member of the family.

Our experience has shown that vacations can be both fun and sustainable, with e-bike tours offering a unique way to explore and appreciate the Sunshine Coast. Our family holiday to Caloundra, enriched by eco-friendly, child-friendly, e-bike touring, was a testament to the joys of exploring nature together. So, pack your bags, grab your helmets (or ecoTekk can supply them), and prepare for an unforgettable e-bike adventure in Caloundra, where the journey is as rewarding as the destination.

Magnificent afternoons on the Sunshine Coast.

Sunset over Happy Valley and Bulcock Beach, Caloundra.

Some Key Points of Interest: These destinations blend scenic beauty, cultural richness, and family-friendly activities, making Caloundra a top choice for e-bike riding holidaymakers on the Sunshine Coast.

Rumba Resort, Caloundra: A family-friendly beachfront accommodation offering spacious, fully-equipped apartments. Perfect for families looking to explore Caloundra and its surroundings. Highlights include proximity to Bulcock Beach, Happy Valley, and Golden Beach, modern amenities, and options for dining in, or exploring local cuisine. It is ideal for those seeking a comfortable and convenient base for their Sunshine Coast adventures.

ecoTekk Sunshine Coast Electric Bikes: The premier e-bike rental service in Caloundra, providing a wide range of electric bikes suitable for all ages and sizes. Features include same-day delivery, comprehensive safety briefings, and customised maps for exploring. A perfect choice for families wanting to experience Caloundra’s scenic routes and outdoor adventures on two wheels.

Golden Beach: Known for its stunning coastline and as a starting point for exploring Pumicestone Passage. This family-friendly beach offers calm waters, and the Coastal Pathway is ideal for e-bike rides along the shore. Visitors can enjoy learning about the area’s rich history through informative plaques dotted along the bike paths.

Kings Beach Surf Club: A must-visit for breakfast with breathtaking ocean views. Located near Caloundra’s vibrant headlands, it’s a great spot for families to fuel up before a day of exploration. The Surf Club is a staple in the local community, offering delicious meals and a welcoming atmosphere.

Currimundi Lake: A picturesque natural lake perfect for family swims, picnics, and relaxation. This serene spot is a highlight for visitors seeking a tranquil escape. The lake is ideal for young families, with shallow waters, and nearby cafes offering refreshments and coffee.

Point Cartwright: Notable for its stunning views and the iconic water tower mural. This scenic point offers a panoramic lookout of the Sunshine Coast, making it a key destination for e-bike tours. The area is rich in natural beauty and provides a perfect backdrop for memorable family photos.

La Balsa Park, Mooloolaba River: A peaceful park offering picnic areas with scenic views of the Mooloolah River. Ideal for families to unwind and enjoy a packed lunch in a beautiful setting. The park is a popular spot for both locals and tourists, known for its calm atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.