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Experience Thrilling Family Adventures at Ewen Maddock Dam

If you’re dreaming of an exhilarating adventure, one that the whole family will love, then set your sights on Ewen Maddock Dam: Ferny Forest MTB Loop MTB park! Ideally suited for families with children aged ~9 years old and up who are skilled in riding, this park is an idyllic setting to experience e-biking, with a range of e-bikes, such as the Gemstone, Ascent, and Hurricane MTB e-bikes available for hire from @ecoTekkSC.

As your family navigates the trails on your future outing, you’ll be immersed in this region’s stunning flora and fauna. From playful kangaroos and wallabies to the elusive koalas and laughing kookaburras, there’s a plethora of enchanting wildlife for you to encounter during your e-bike journey. And when it’s time to rest, you can lay down a picnic blanket and bask in the awe-inspiring views of the dam, nestled in the heart of the verdant forest.

Don’t delay in creating unforgettable memories with your family! Reserve your e-bikes from @ecoTekkSC today, and look forward to a wonderful day of exploration at the Ewen Maddock Dam: Ferny Forest MTB Loop MTB park.

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