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Going Batty

Ewan Maddock Dam to Dularcha National Park Tunnel Track MT e-Bike Ride

Dularcha National Park Tunnel Track

Dularcha National Park Tunnel Track

Hello! I’m Sahra. With Dan, Aston, and Julie, my good friends, we were over the moon to embark on an extraordinary adventure in the stunning Mooloolah region. Are you set for an adrenaline-fueled, self-guided e-bike ride? We were, and we found the perfect experience! Thanks to @ecoTekkSC, we had a spectacular loop route planned out, which led us through the awe-inspiring Ewan Maddock Dam and the magnificent Dularcha National Park Tunnel Track.
Before we set off on our adventure, @ecoTekkSC gave us a safety briefing and detailed the route plan. Our expedition started at the Ewan Maddock Dam Maddock car park, where we effortlessly picked up our rented mountain e-bikes. From there, we pedalled through the park, heading towards Gympie St North. Upon reaching Myla Road, we turned right onto Cunningham Ave (it’s worth noting that this part was on the road, so we remained mindful of the traffic) to enter the Dularcha National Park Tunnel Track from the southern entrance. The journey through the tunnel track, from south to north, was an unforgettable experience I wouldn’t want you to miss. After leaving the track at Pages St, we turned right into Jones Street, and then followed the pathway along Mooloolah Road, which eventually led us back to the Ewan Maddock Dam Maddock car park.

As we cycled through the park and the national park, we had numerous opportunities to take in the mesmerising scenery and learn about the rich history and environment of the area. I want to share some of the highlights that you might want to look out for:
Ewan Maddock Dam: This captivating dam is a magnet for fishing and swimming. It’s also home to a variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, and koalas.

Dularcha National Park Tunnel Track: Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey through this unique tunnel track. As we cycled through the tunnel, we were surrounded by stunning rock formations and lush greenery. The park is a sanctuary for diverse animal species, making it a cherished destination for nature lovers. Bird enthusiasts get set to spot an array of species, and don’t miss the seasonal large-footed myotis bat colony that takes shelter on the tunnel ceiling. While exploring the park, we even came across other mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. It’s a genuine paradise for those interested in observing and learning about the various animal species that call this area home.

The Mooloolah Valley Parks: These parks are a haven for birdwatchers, housing over 200 bird species. It’s also home to the adorable platypus. As we cycled along the trails or near the river, we spotted the eastern yellow robin, noisy pitta, eastern whipbird, and many other charming bird species. Reptile lovers, you’ll be excited to see the eastern water dragon and common tree snake, among others.

During our e-bike adventure, we made a delightful pit stop at the Jones Street Kitchen, located in Mooloolah Valley. We indulged in aromatic coffee and treated ourselves to their delectable ‘Avocado Toast.’ This was a perfect moment to refuel and prepare for the rest of our journey.

I hope you feel inspired to gather your friends and create your own unforgettable e-bike ride in Mooloolah. Picture the joy of exploring this beautiful area together, sharing laughter, and creating lasting memories. So, don’t wait! Book your group e-bike ride today with @ecoTekkSC and begin an incredible adventure with your friends. Experience the beauty of Mooloolah, indulge in delightful treats at Jones Street Kitchen, and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Don’t let this incredible opportunity slip by. Contact @ecoTekkSC and let the adventure begin!