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E-Bike Hires & Tours

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Just book and we deliver to you preferred location

Transform your Sunny Coast getaway into an environmental friendly Epic Adventure!

When you book an E-Bike, we deliver the E-bikes to you!

Riding with ease will lift the heart of your inner child, making you feel like you’re 10 years younger. On e-bikes, you are able to take on the world, creating family memories that last a lifetime, while allowing your soul to absorb the natural environment.

How about enjoying your holiday with a minimal footprint? You can enjoy exploring the sights of our wonderful region, building lifetime memories for you and your family on solar-powered e-bikes.

Immerse yourself in our world with an alternative holiday experience that allows you to minimise your impact and maximize your lifetime memories.

Activate your body with a sense of achievement! When you are riding our e-bikes, you are working your core muscles, releasing energy into your body. When the going gets tough, the electric assist motor allows you to face those challenges such as hill climbs and head winds comfortably. The electric assist also allows you to match your fitness level with others, keep up with everybody in your group, and still return to your accommodation refreshed and invigorated, ready to face the next phase of your holiday without muscle fatigue.

The quietness of your journey on our e-bikes, allows you to hear the natural world, smell the natural world, taste the natural world, as you discover the many hidden treasures of the Sunshine Coast following paths not available to cars.

Your electric bikes are charged up using solar energy when delivered to your accommodation so you can tread lightly along the Sunshine Coast.

Choose Your Sunshine Coast E-Bike Adventure

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From A$39

Perfect for Sunny Coast getaway! Want to explore the coast at your leisure with the intimacy of experience that driving cannot give? Ride the many dedicated bicycle pathways to experience life at leisurely pace as the E-Bikes make bicycling easy and safe.

From A$89

Cycle across the Maroochy River, checking out the views from the peak of the bridge, and then head south to Point Cartwright lighthouse. Follow the paths through Twin Waters and along the wonderful beaches, including Maroochydore and Alexandra Headland. The journey takes in delightful tree-lined pathways, filled with calling birds.

With so much to do and see on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, why not revisit the joy and freedom of childhood while exploring with ease on electric bicycles (E-bikes). It is an excellent way for you to de-stress, feel the breeze and sunshine as you discover the many and hidden pathways of the Sunshine Coast with family and friends.

As well as investigating our natural wonders, you could do a café ride, sampling all the goodies our foodie haven has to offer. Or, visit some of the other awesome attractions available on the Sunshine Coast. Checkout our bikemap tools on Things to do Sunshine Coast.  All are accessible via bike pathways and lanes on an Comfort E-Bikes from ecoTekk Sunshine Coast.

About our E-Bikes.

The E-bikes are powered by a quiet powerful motor with with enough assist for you to climbing hills and remove the drag of strong headwinds. Travel up to a distance of 40 to 50 km (depending on terrain) on a single charge (chargers supplied for overnight hires).  Checkout our Experience page to plan your adventure, here you find tools to help plan your day along the many bike pathways and lanes on the Sunshine Coast riding  Comfort E-Bikes from ecoTekk Sunshine Coast.

Our electric bikes are charged up using solar energy and delivered to your accommodation so you can tread lightly along the Sunshine Coast.